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Experience, integrity, and commitment to justice for all.

Kimberly Ann Thomas is an experienced trial and appellate lawyer and law professor at the University of Michigan Law School. Kimberly directs the Juvenile Justice Clinic, where she teaches students the ethical practice of law and works to improve the lives of Michigan youth. Kimberly will bring a new voice of integrity and fairness, grounded in her knowledge applying the law and dedication to equal justice for all Michiganders.

Committed to equal access to justice

Kimberly’s experience representing low-income Michiganders and teaching students will bring a voice of integrity and experience to the Michigan Supreme Court, and ensure that each litigant is heard and respected.

Recognized for her knowledge and experience

For her research and teaching, Kimberly was honored with a U.S. Fulbright Scholar award. As a Fulbright, she taught at the University College Cork School of Law in Cork, Ireland. She has been recognized for her service by the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan.

working to make our court systems better

Thomas served on the bipartisan Michigan Task Force on Juvenile Justice Reform, which took a data-driven approach to understanding and making recommendations that were enacted for improvement of our state’s juvenile system.

Dedicated to upholding the rule of law

Kimberly has been engaged as an expert for the Rule of Law Initiative of the American Bar Association, where she worked on law school curriculum development and experiential education in Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey.

Kimberly Thomas Family

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